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    Your Must See Film For The Upcoming Weekend: Overlord

    This Friday, Overlord , premieres on the big screen.

    The film is set to be an action-packed adventure that’s part World War 2 period piece and part zombie horror film. The movie revolts around American Paratroopers who go behind enemy lines to infiltrate a Nazi military base, on the night before D-Day. When they arrive at their destination, they discover that it is much more than a simple military operation. They end up having to fight against supernatural Nazi forces for their own survival. 

    The film was directed by Julius Avery and produced J.J Abrams and Lindsey Weber. The screenplay was written by Mark L. Smith and Billy Ray. Paramount Pictures will be disturbing the film.


    Based on this trailer, this is going to be a must-see action film. Overlord looks like it will have something that can satisfy every moviegoer. The trailer gives hints at intense action for viewers who enjoy explosions and heart-pounding chase scenes in their movies. It gives a look into some creepy horror scenes for audience movies who love to be scared during a movie. This film has something different for every person who watches it.

    The film’s cast also has a cast that is set to dazzle audiences. Fans of Fences and the Leftovers will recognize the movie’s lead actor, Jovan Adepo. Though Adepo only made his debut acting role a few years ago, he has been nominated for various awards, proving that he has what it takes to carry a movie. Wyatt Russell (Lodge 49) is also starring along-side Adepo. The rest of the cast includes actors and actresses who have all shown off their acting talents throughout their career. They include Ian De Caestecker, Mathilde Olliveir, John Magaro, and more. 

    If you have some free time and a few dollars, go see Overlord. It’s setting itself up to be one of the most fun action movies of the year. 

    Overlord hits theatres and IMAX on November 9, 2018. Check your local listings accordingly.

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