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    Our review on the Percy Jackson Disney+ Adaptation

    The Olympians are now on Disney+. The one in charge is Rick Riordan, author of the “Percy Jackson and the Olympiansseries. He is no longer just watching what happens to his books on the big screen. Riordan is taking control and making sure the new series stays true to the books and is exciting for everyone.

    From Book to Big Screen – Lessons Learned:

    Gone are the days of Riordan’s minimal involvement, where creative control resided chiefly with the filmmakers. Now, his active leadership ensures a deep respect for the source material. Imagine Grover’s fur bristling with frustration at the liberties taken in the past; with Riordan at the helm, Grover, and indeed all the characters, can rest assured their essence will be preserved. This fan-demanded authenticity extends to plot and mythology, no longer subject to Eurocentric blind spots.

    Percy Jackson and the Olympians series screenshot

    Riordan himself has expressed disappointment with the past inaccuracies, and fans echoed his sentiments, their hopes dashed by the deviations. This time, the tide has turned.

    Building a Better Olympus – Inclusivity and Authenticity:

    Diversity will be no mere token offering in this adaptation. Riordan is exploring lots of different myths, not just Greek ones. He includes gods from Roman, Norse, and Egyptian mythology. This is important because it breaks away from the old way of only focusing on Europe. It’s not just for show, though. It’s a big part of the story. It helps people from different backgrounds feel like they belong and can relate to the heroes.

    For example, Annabeth Chase, who is Athena’s daughter, doesn’t just fit the usual damsel-in-distress role. She breaks it by being really smart and inspiring girls of different ethnicities to be brave and wise too.

    A Hero’s Journey Reforged – The Lightning Thief Awakens:

    The first season promises to be a spellbinding odyssey following Percy’s discovery of his demigod identity and the perilous quest for Zeus’s stolen lightning bolt. Think back to your own heart pounding as you read about Percy’s encounter with Medusa; prepare to relive that thrill, amplified by the magic of television.

    Adapting such a beloved book demands both fidelity and fresh eyes. Riordan understands this, ensuring the essence of the story remains while captivating a new generation with visual spectacle and heart-pounding action.

    Riordan’s Guiding Hand – A Promise to Fans and Beyond:

    Unlike a sculptor confined by a static block of marble, Riordan can add depth and nuance to his existing masterpiece. He promises to maintain the book’s tone, characters, and humor. He will also explore hidden corners of the mythology and add new elements that enhance the overall story.

    a glimpse of Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

    Imagine learning more about the challenges of demigod life and witnessing struggles beyond just fighting monsters. This series aims to stand on its own, but without forgetting the loyal fans who’ve been waiting for a faithful adaptation. Casting decisions that reflect the characters’ ages, iconic scenes lifted straight from the pages, and adherence to the core mythology are all testaments to Riordan’s respect for the fanbase.

    Fresh Eyes for a Timeless Tale – Avoiding Nostalgia Bias:

    Twenty years is a long time, and Riordan isn’t wearing rose-tinted glasses. Riordan knows about nostalgia bias. It’s when you hold onto things from the past without thinking about what matters today. Picture a dusty attic with old stuff. Riordan is going through it, deciding what should stay in the present and what should be kept as a memory.

    another glimpse from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

    This means tackling outdated language and themes, ensuring the story speaks to today’s children, not just those of two decades ago. Inclusivity is another area where fresh eyes are crucial. By re-examining characters and storylines, Riordan can identify potential biases and ensure all children, regardless of their background, find themselves reflected in the heroes they love.


    This isn’t just a rehash; it’s a reimagining. Riordan’s passion, inclusivity, and fresh perspective guide the narrative of this Percy Jackson series. It could be the adaptation fans have dreamt of. It won’t just be a faithful translation, but a vibrant tapestry woven with modern relevance and accessibility.

    It’s time to raise our hands with Percy. We are ready to unleash a roar that welcomes a new generation to the magic of demigods, mythical creatures, and a hero’s journey. It all begins with a spark and ends with a thunderous applause.

    What do you hope for? What do you like about the Percy Jackson story? How will Riordan’s involvement affect the adaptation? What do you hope for in terms of inclusivity and representation?

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