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    Uncovered: Here’s Our Five Favorite Songs Since 2013

    It was the summer of 2013 when I first heard a Super Duper Kyle song. My cousin, and I were joyriding on the interstate. The song changed my view on life. Over the years, a slew of songs have had the same impact. So, I’m starting an article series highlighting my top five favorite songs of all time, dating back to 2013. It’s hard to rank them, so I’m going to list the songs, and let you decide.

    Kyle’s “View From Hollywood” is the first to appear on the list. I like this song for a couple reasons. First, the music video introduced me to Patagucci. Also, I can relate to the lyrics without having to interpret it differently than its intended message.

    In fact, after thoroughly listening to Kyle I wasn’t concerned with having a perceived image, appearing cool, or anything like that. I only wanted to be myself, circling back to how Kyle’s music changed my view on life. To further explain, check out this Kyle interview, starting at the 9:30 marker. Essentially, the moment you accept who you genuinely are is when you’ll be able to genuinely love yourself.
    Five Favorite Songs 1
    Essentially, the song highlights Kyle’s journey in the music industry up until that point in his life. He was getting bigger, but he didn’t make it big yet. And, this was before he told me that in 2016.

    “They can all talk,” Kyle said in the first verse. “I already know one day I’mma glow, glow, blow, blow.”

    To highlight as many artists I can, I’m only selecting one song per artist on this list. That said, a close second-place song by Kyle I like is “A Okay” off of Beautiful Loser as well, as any song on that album is gold. From the archive, another song I like is “Sumthin Inside”. To round things out, I also like “Want Me Bad” featuring Cousin Stizz, and “Deepest Part of Me”. I use the latter as my radio show intro.

    For more music like this, check out my Spotify playlist here.

    Following behind “View From Hollywood”, another one of my top five favorite songs is…come back next week to find out.

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