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    Oregon PG Talia Von Oelhoffen: ‘There’s no progress without humility’

    Talia Von Oelhoffen, originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was raised in Eastern Washington. She’s been carrying a ball with her since she could walk.

    She’s the youngest of three siblings, with two older sisters named Jalyn and Kamri. Basketball wasn’t her initial choice, but she ended up in the sport because her mother, Tondi Redden, and both older sisters were already into it. Redden excelled in Division I basketball at the University of Hawaii, showcasing remarkable defensive skills and setting records for steals. Moreover, her father, Kim Von Oelhoffen, had a 13-season NFL career, as mentioned by Pro Football Reference.

    Considering her family’s background, Talia’s exceptional talent isn’t surprising. Being around competitive and skilled individuals made the game feel effortless for her.

    “Talia said, “My competitive spirit has been the most natural part of the game since I was young. I always aimed to win, doing whatever it took to achieve victory.”

    Good Habits Leading to Other Good Habits

    Talia Von Oelhoffen had an amazing high school journey. ESPN ranked her 14th in the nation during her senior year. The COVID-19 pandemic cut her senior season short, but she remained determined to keep playing. She missed out on prestigious awards like McDonald’s All-American and Gatorade Player of the Year. Despite high hopes, victory eluded her.

    Despite feeling disappointed, she turned her emotions into positive energy and gained a new perspective when entering college.

    “I’ve always dreamed of becoming a McDonald’s All-American,” Oelhoffen said. “I knew the sacrifices I made enrolling early, but I also understood it didn’t matter much. The player next to me on the court might have been an All-American too, so college became a chance for me to prove myself again.”

    Talia Von Oelhoffen Striving for Balance

    Balancing social life and pursuing one’s passion can be tough. Oelhoffen, the Oregon State Beavers player, understands this challenge.

    She admits that focusing on her craft has reduced her social life, but she doesn’t mind. She’s always preferred a small circle of close friends, finding fulfillment in that. Her social interactions mainly revolve around her craft, leading her to form friendships and connections within her field, just like many others.

    “I didn’t have a big social life, and I was okay with that,” Oelhoffen said firmly. “I’ve always preferred a close-knit group of friends. If you want a social life, you can find it, but it just wasn’t my thing.”

    Even at a young age, Talia understands the importance of balance and shaping her off-the-court image. She’s actively addressing mental health challenges and taking steps towards her transition. Talia acknowledges that athletes often struggle with mental health because their identity is closely tied to their sports, leading to potential long-term consequences.

    “I’m getting better at this, and I’ve learned that my happiness and well-being shouldn’t always be centered around basketball,” Oelhoffen shared. Athletes often face mental health issues because we rely so much on our sport, and that can be problematic since sports don’t last forever for most of us.

    Why Oregon State?

    Oelhoffen chose Oregon State because of the friendly and familiar atmosphere she felt during her visit. Her family can visit and support her regularly because the university is only four hours away. It’s interesting that another Washington native, Jamie Weisner, influenced Oelhoffen’s decision to join Oregon State.

    “They made me feel like family,” Oelhoffen said. “I watched Jamie Weisner a lot during their impressive 2016 final four run. It made me want to be in the Pac-12.”

    Since joining Oregon State, Oelhoffen has never looked back. In her first game as a Beaver against Washington State, she had a memorable “Sh3GotGame Moment” with her first deep shot, even though they didn’t win.

    This was the moment Von Oelhoffen realized her goals in the Pac-12. Despite playing in just 11 games, she received honorable mentions for Pac-12 All American. In the following season, she made it to the All Pac-12 team. Her goal is to make a lasting impact and inspire both on and off the court through her leadership and team role in the future.

    “I value the recognition, but my main focus is giving my best to support the team in winning games. I’ll concentrate on what I can control and be satisfied with the outcomes of my efforts.”

    Basketball Continuing to Changer Her Life

    Basketball is Oelhoffen’s whole life. Without the game, her life would be very different. She has learned valuable life lessons through basketball experiences.

    “I’ve only known basketball, so it didn’t change my life,” she said. “The lessons people learn in life, I learned through the game.”

    Her ultimate goal is to be remembered as a basketball player who positively impacted others and helped them grow. She takes pride in being a good leader and wants to inspire and help others through her platform.

    “I want to use my platform to inspire and support others off the court,” she said confidently. In conclusion, when asked for advice for those who relate to her story or find inspiration in her, she responded:

    “Always dream big because you never know what you can achieve when you set your mind to it. Remember, tough times will pass, and that’s okay. Progress needs humility.”


    1. Very nice article. You are so good to want to do good on and off the court. Your family is awesome. Glad we got to meet you. Mom is amazing and she obviously loves you. Keep up the good work!

    2. Being a basketball coach for over 35 years, I appreciate your understanding of who you are while seeing the whole team picture. Keep your confidence strong and your compassion even stronger. Stay hungry by working harder and smarter every day. This along with your humble spirit will bless you 10-fold. Say Hi to your mom and grandparents who we have met during our pregame get togethers. Look forward to seeing you have a fantastic upcoming year.

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