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    Olympic Gold Medalist Mary Lou Retton in ICU, Fighting for Her Life

    Olympic Legend Mary Lou Retton Takes on Rare Pneumonia in ICU: Daughter Starts Fundraiser

    It’s uncompromising news, folks. The Olympic champ, Mary Lou Retton, is in the middle of a fierce battle with a super rare kind of pneumonia. It was her own daughter, McKenna Kelley, who shared this heart-wrenching update on Instagram. Mary Lou’s been in the ICU for over a week, struggling to breathe without help.

    But if you ask me, that determination that made her a gymnastics superstar is still alive and well in her fight to recover. The support is pouring in from family and fans, and her daughter has set up a fundraiser to help with the growing medical bills.

    This hit the gymnastics world hard. Mary Lou Retton, who made history with her gold at the 1984 Summer Olympics, now faces a tough opponent outside the gymnastics arena. I read McKenna Kelley’s Instagram post, and you could really feel the concern. She shared that her mom’s battling a rare and aggressive pneumonia, and it’s not easy for her to breathe independently.

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    Mary Lou Retton’s always been an inspiration. Think about it, that unforgettable moment at the ’84 Olympics where she snagged the all-around gold for the U.S. – it won over hearts all over the world. Even after her competitive gymnastics days ended in ’86, she continued to shine in the limelight. She even gave acting a shot, lighting up the screens in various movies and TV shows. But hey, she didn’t stop at that-she even showcased her dancing skills on “Dancing with the Stars.”

    But wait, this is not all to this great story. Adding more grandeur to this honor is the fact that Mary Lou Retton has been inducted in 1997 to the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame. In addition, another park and street were named after her in her hometown. Now, that’s local pride at its finest! It’s hometown pride at its absolute best!

    Now, with her mom’s health at stake, McKenna Kelley is really showing her mettle. McKenna Kelley has now launched its crowdfunding campaign over Spotfund, targeting to raise upto $50,000. Till date, they have raised $8,000, but surely the journey ahead is not that easy. The whole gymnastics family and fans from all around are chipping in to help the Retton family with these medical costs.

    Mary Lou Retton is a true legend, and it’s our time to support her. This battle against pneumonia is serious, and we’re all pulling for her swift recovery. The entire gymnastics community stands with her, rooting for her as she faces this unexpected challenge with the same determination that’s made her a star.

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