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    Ohio’s Seezyn Returns With New Single “Heart Eyes(Dead Guys)”

    I genuinely enjoy seeing the next generation of music artists not be selfish with their stardom. Compared to the last generation, we are starting to see more instances of stars putting their friends in a position to succeed, such as Glorilla Gloss Up or Pooh Shiesty Big 30. A duo that is also slept on is the late Juice WRLD Seezyn. Seezyn is helping keep his name alive by continuing to make dope music like his new single, “Heart Eyes”.

    Seezyn Juice WRLD’s Friendship

    The Ohio-based artist/producer was a good friend and collaborator of Juice WRLD. If you enjoy superhero films, you probably remember their collaboration song “Hide” from the “Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse” movie soundtrack. That was my first introduction to Seezyn and even though it might’ve got somewhat outshined by Post Malone’s Swae Lee’s massive hit, it showed me Seevyn’s full potential.

    His newly released single, “Heart Eyes” shows that it’s evident that Seevyn is still putting in the work to progress and grow as an artist. So many artists’ sound stagnates and doesn’t mature. But Seezyn did the necessary development to get better. For example, this track is produced by Seevyn himself, and his production has undoubtedly elevated to another tier since the last release.

    Mr. Steal Yo Girl

    Seezyn finds himself singing about stealing someone’s girl after she keeps flirting with him. When I put it like that, it sounds very one-dimensional, but his optimistic delivery convinces you the subject matter is deeper. If you deliver your lines with the right amount of swagger, I have no choice but to tune in.

    If you haven’t been paying attention to Seezyn as of recently, I suggest you tap in ASAP. Be sure to follow him on Instagram.


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