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    Entrepreneur OGF Slick Debuts Brand “Gifted Misfit”

    Maryland-born entrepreneur OGF Slick and his brand “Gifted Misfit” are here to stay!


    OGF Slick is a young entrepreneur who grew up in Baltimore Maryland. He runs a clothing brand with the motto that says “Someone who’s different from others”. He founded the brand at a very young age. His brand “Gifted Misfit” was founded back when he was just 14 years old. When most people don’t even know how to choose the best clothes, OGF has his brand.

    The secret of the young entrepreneur is not just his hard work towards the brand. Along with hard work and efforts, he was super consistent when it comes to building a business. The secret is to never listen to negative people. OGF truly believes in himself and the vision he has. That is why he has established his clothing brand at a very young age.


    He was hopeful throughout his journey of being the best fashion designer. Not to mention, he is super talented. He is a fashion designer who is always thinking about new ideas that go with his brand’s motto. His vision is the main thing to which OGF Slick sticks to. The young businessman is also a musical artist mostly focused on the hip-hop genre. The rapper has already dropped some of the coolest rap songs. He is also working hard trying to build his real estate company at a very young age. OGF has a clear vision and he loves to build things around it. He is currently working hard and investing his time to build his dropshipping store.

    The main analogy is to scale up his clothing brand. He is planning to drop many new clothes by summer 2021. Men’s wear, Women’s wear, and baby’s clothing are three main categories on which OGF is currently focusing on. The new clothes will surely match his ideas, vision, and the motto of his brand.

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