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    Offset Jokes About Cardi B’s Burnt Food, Cooking Skills

    Cardi B is known for her rap skills, dancing, and sense of humor. However, cooking is not her strong suit. In a recent incident, the “WAP” rapper demonstrated why she’s not permitted in the kitchen. Regrettably, the Grammy-winning artist burned an entire tray of chicken wings. To make matters worse, her husband, Offset, took the chance to poke fun at Cardi B’s culinary abilities.

    Cardi B Burned The Wings

    cooking skills
    Cardi B’s burnt chicken via YouTube

    Cardi B proved once again that cooking isn’t her forte. In her show Cardi Tries, the 29-year-old rapper attempted to prepare homemade meals, but this time it didn’t go well. During her latest episode, Cardi B tried to make two trays of wings, but while one batch turned out perfectly cooked, the other ended up burnt. It’s evident that when Cardi rapped the line “I don’t cook, I don’t clean” in her 2021 hit “WAP,” she wasn’t exaggerating. Cooking just isn’t her strong suit.

    Her Husband Takes Jabs At Her Cooking Skills

    cooking skills
    Cardi B in the kitchen via That Grape Juice

    Unfortunately, Cardi B’s husband, Offset, made fun of her cooking abilities. On May 24th, he shared a video on Instagram where he sings about Cardi B burning a tray of wings. In the video, the camera shows the burnt tray and the other tray with delicious barbecue sauce-covered wings. Instead of complimenting her, Offset jokes about her cooking skills, singing, “Shawnty burnt the wings.” However, it’s worth noting that Cardi B did manage to cook the first tray without overcooking, which earns her some points in the kitchen. Maybe she’s not completely hopeless.

    But the real question is, would you like to try some of Cardi B’s food?

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