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    Offset Celebrates Cardi B’s Time Off From Social Media

    Taking a break from social media can be good for cleansing our soul. Cardi B announced that she’d log off all her social media platforms, following her viral spat with Internet trolls. In an effort to help protect her energy, Offset decided to celebrate his wife’s time off. The married couple aren’t perfect, but they’re kind to one another when times get tough.

    Offset Celebrates His Wife By Taking A Selfie Of Her

    time off
    Offset, Cardi B via The Mirror

    Most love ones know how to care for another. On a good day, Offset shows his lady mad love. He especially knows how to comfort her during her biggest times of need. Over the weekend, Offset took a sweet selfie pic of Cardi posing in front of the mirror and posted it to Instagram. Furthermore, the Migos rapper captioned the photo with heart-eye emojis. Leave it to Offset to cheer up the “WAP” rapper. Not to mention, Cardi B seems in pretty good spirits after taking a break from social media.

    Cardi B Wished Bad Luck On A Fan

    time off
    Cardi B via Hit Up Ange

    After Cardi’s spat with Internet trolls, it’s understandable that the artist could use some “me” time. A few weeks back, the rapper and the fans exchanged a series of nasty words between each other. In fact, Cardi B’s last remarks involved her condemning an internet troll who made an inappropriate comment about her child. In short, the rapper basically “wished the worst” on the hater. The rapper even told the internet troll that she hoped they’d “disappear.” As much as social media loves Cardi B, she’s clearly burnt out from all the drama.

    She might need a month-long hiatus rather than just a short break.

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