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    New York’s FarrellB Reveals Truth On New Single “Blinded”

    Life presents us with tests that can shape our path. It’s crucial to face these challenges head-on. New York artist Farrell B exemplifies this positive mindset in his latest single, “Blind.”

    In Lil Wayne’s popular track “She Will,” he famously said, “You have to be ‘Ray Charles to the bullsh*t’.” This means staying alert and not letting distractions sway you. FarrellB echoes this sentiment in his new single, emphasizing the importance of staying focused.

    FarrellB has a one-of-a-kind sound that sets him apart. His recent project, particularly the lead single “Blissful,” has garnered attention from imitators trying to capture his energy. But FarrellB solidifies his position as the standard with “Blind,” a track that confronts the haters.

    “Blind,” produced by FarrellB himself, features explosive and intense production. It pumps adrenaline and ignites excitement. While some artists may struggle to find their footing on such beats, FarrellB proves he’s ready for any challenge.

    To truly understand FarrellB’s journey as an artist and producer, listen to “Blind.”

    Be sure to follow the FarrellB on Instagram.

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