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    NY Rapper Eli Fross Takes His Road Rage To The Extreme

    No one likes being caught in the middle of traffic jam after leaving work. However, some drivers just have zero patience for traffic congestion. Upcoming emcee Eli Fross certainly has road-rage issues. The rapper lost his mind after arguing with an unsuspecting motorcyclist in the middle of the street. Soon, their verbal altercation turned fatal when Fross started firing off at the motorcyclist. Clearly, Eli Fross doesn’t like driving with other people on the road.

    Eli Fross Has Road Rage Issues

    road rage
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    Last Thursday, Eli Fross wound up in a verbal altercation between himself and a motorcyclist. Though, their fight didn’t just stop at exchanging a few bitter words between each other. Eventually, the rapper attempted to murder the biker. Obviously, Fross has watched “Unhinged” one too many times.

    According to sources, the rapper and his driver were seen arguing with the clueless biker early Wednesday morning in Times Square, New York. When talking down to the motorcyclist didn’t seem to work, Fross fired four shots at the driver. Furthermore, the shooting took place on Seventh Avenue and West 41st street. The police reported no casualties during the violent exchange. The “Grim Reaper” rapper should consider himself lucky for the moment.

    The New York Rapper Makes Bail

    road rage
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    Although no fatalities were reported by the police, Eli Fross was arrested and charged with attempted murder, attempted assault, and possession of a loaded weapon. Though, the rapper pleaded not guilty during a court appearance at the Manhattan Criminal Court on Friday. Fross explained his side of the story, stating that “he accidently hit the motorcyclist with his Mercedes.” The biker’s friend shot at him and in self-defense, Fross fired back.

    However, the rapper’s story seems suspect after he made bail with $100,000 in cash. His release from jail comes hours after bragging about his record label, RCA, bailing him out. Hopefully, the rapper considers working on his road-rage issues. Better yet, he should avoid traffic altogether.

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