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    Normani And Cardi B Team Up For New “Wild Side” Music Video

    While some artist don’t fair well in their solo careers after their musical group disbands, Fifth Harmony’s Normani remains the exception. Since the 2019 release of her hit single and music video for “Motivation”, the star has received major praise from fans everywhere. Even Beyonce reached out to the starlet on social media, noting that she looks forward to seeing more from her. Normani clearly didn’t disappoint, especially with the latest release of her new track “Wild Side.” The music video even had fans raving about the song. Talk about a major comback for Normani.

                             Normani’s Return To Music

    wild side
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    Recently, Normani released her newest track “Wild Side” which features none other than Cardi B. Previously, the two joined forces on the set of Cardi B’s controversial “WAP” music video and killed it. Once again, the two stars slayed again on the music video for “Wild Side.” Prior to the video drop, the star teased snippets and scenes for the song. Not to mention, she even revealed the cover art for the song on social media. Normani and Cardi B pose together, almost entirely nude with their long waves of hair covering them.

    Though, Normani wasn’t the only one promoting her upcoming music video. Even Cardi B had a few praiseworthy words to share about the star’s new track. “This song and everything is amazing. I’m so proud of her . . . I’m so excited. You guys are going to see Normani in a different light,” Cardi B told Entertainment Tonight. Of course, “Wild Side” end up being worth the hype.

                  Normani’s “Wild Side” Music Video Slays

    wild side
    via Variety

    Since dropping the video for “Motivation” back in 2019, people have been obsessed with Normani. Now that “Wild Side” has dropped, fans can’t stop raving over every aspect of the music video. There’s so many epic dance moves, cinematic scenes and awesome looks to like about the video. Not to mention, the song beats to the tune of the late Aaliyah song “One In A Million”, which just makes the song all the more intriguing. Everyone from Qveen Herby, Jojo, Winnie Harlow, Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion and even her old Fifth Harmony bandmate Lauren Jauregui praised the star on her new song. Clearly, Normani’s here to stay.

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