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    Noraa, MERON, Deathbypeanuts Team Up To Create “Somebody Else”

    Berlin-based singer/songwriter Noraa and Merōn recently released a trendy R&B duet, “Somebody Else.” 

    “Somebody Else” is a song that wins over our hearts with the emotional rhythm of the melody, which utilizes lush textures, smooth guitar licks, and mellow drum grooves spiced with a contemporary R&B vibration.

    Noraa’s musicality has evolved over the years. We can see her now effortlessly travel through multiple genres of pop and R&B, which shines more light on her magnetic vocal style that weaves between fluffy production.

    Her unique music videos draw on the energy of her five-star visual identity to accompany her soulful sound.

    Stream “Somebody Else” on Spotify 

    Connect with Noraa: TikTok | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

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