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    Noname Claps Back At J.Cole On “Song 33”

    Noname took a couple of days, but she finally addressed J.cole’s “Snow in Tha Bluff.”

    Just like everyone else, Noname was probably excited to hear new J.cole music the other day. The Chicago rapper got a big surprise when a shot was sent her way. Now she is sending one back with “Song 33”.

    The exchanges between Noname and J.Cole are more like constructive criticism than they are rap battle lines. For hip-hop, though, such transfers could mean for more important things down the line.

    Keeping suit with her previous releases, Noname casually shared a photo of a simple “song 33”. However, this song had a deeper meaning because the emcee took the time to acknowledge her little situation.

    After starting the song acknowledging the death of Oluwatoyin Salau, and the plight of Black women of America. The female rapper spits “Is he really going to write about me while the world is in chaos?/With people hanging from trees?/When George called out for his mother/Saying he couldn’t breathe, did he think about writing about me?”

    Earlier in the week, fans stood by Noname’s side as they felt J.cole came at her sideways. Dreamville fans though tried suggesting that in his true ingenious way, Cole’s address to his female counterpart was about how fans see entertainers not about her.

    Either way, an interesting discussion emerged about two critical topics.  Firstly, the treatment and lack of protection for black women in this country are horrendous. Black women continue to be America’s most vulnerable citizens, even though her contributions far exceed their counterparts. Secondly, African Americans need to stop looking to celebrities when there are times of trouble. Just because you can see or not see what someone is doing, judgment should never be passed. The level of participation in Movements should be voluntary and done with genuine sincerity.

    The country is still dealing with protest and uprisings all-over, yet both NOname and J.cole are in the studio. Which is where they should be, both rappers do exemplary jobs using their platforms to advocate. J.Cole even used his twitter to share Noname’s song, a sign that the sibling squabble has may have already come to an end.

    What do you guys think of Noname’s “Song 33”?

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