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    NLE Choppa Tried to Shoot His Shot at Meagan Good: She Hung Up the Phone in His face

    A Memphis rapper had some fun with a little bit of game playing when he tried to win over Meagan Good during a recent REVOLT TV show. NLE Choppa tried to shoot his shot at Meagan Good, and she hung up the phone in his face.


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    NLE Choppa was able to impress his host by taking home the prize in the game of smash or pash, a fun activity that involved using a televised remote to hit the right buttons on a remote control to create the most colorful smash.

    NLE Choppa’s Day in the Life on REVOLT

    The show was broadcasted on Wednesday (March 22), and the 20-year-old rapper was not alone in his winning efforts. In fact, the rapper was on a roll with his TikTok escapades.

    For the uninitiated, the triumvirate of Polo G, Stunna 4 Vegas and NLE Choppa had the honors of being named the top hip hop acts in the country by Billboard in early 2019.

    However, he was also on the wrong end of a fistfight that caught on video. Despite the high tech equipment involved, the video is still going viral on social media with a fair share of people taking the footage as a sign that he and his crew aren’t always the best at what they do. It’s also been rumored that he and his crew are under the watchful eye of the local police department in an effort to curb their raging tempers.

    The Jason Lee Show

    NLE Choppa has been in the spotlight lately with a number of high-profile arrests and tumultuous courtroom battles behind him. But when it comes to a day in the life, the Memphis native hasn’t been this swagger king for too long. On Tuesday’s (March 21) episode of REVOLT’s The Jason Lee Show, he got the honors of being the last man standing. As for the show itself, the aforementioned emcee was aided by the fact that he had no problem keeping his cool and getting down with Lee and his guests. Check out the full episode above and don’t forget to subscribe to REVOLT’s YouTube channel. It’s the only way to see all the cool stuff we post for free! You won’t be disappointed.

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