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    Nike Soars to $6 Billion After Kaepernick Ad

    Colin Kaepernick can finally rest easy! Amidst the negativity surrounding Colin Kaepernick’s partnership with Nike, it’s stock has risen to an all-time high. Following an early 3% dip in the stock prices, an approximate $4 billion USD loss, all has been resolved! Though controversy ignited quickly, a wave of support has followed, immediately boosting the sportswear giant’s stocks.

    Nike Soars to S6 Billion

    Since revealing the ads in early September, Nike’s market value ascended to $6 billion USD. Kaepernick’s campaign is responsible for increasing Nike’s 2018 share values by nearly 5%, yielding a total bump in the price of 36%  since 2017. For the 30th anniversary of its original “Just Do It” campaign, Nike tapped other athletes, like Serena Williams, but it looks as though Kaepernick’s co-sign has been the most impactful. And to top it all off, Kaepernick’s “I’m With Kap” jerseys sold out almost immediately after pre-sale!

    In other Nike news, Supreme and Nike have joined forces for FW18. 


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