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    Nicki Minaj Reveals She Has Anxiety From Constant Criticism

    Working in entertainment demands resilience and a good sense of humor. However, even stars can struggle with the pressures and scrutiny. Nicki Minaj recently opened up about her experiences during James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, where she shared that she now battles anxiety due to constant criticism.

    The Rapper Suffers From Anxiety

    via Rap-Up

    elebrities in Hollywood face immense pressure and challenges. While some handle them effortlessly, others encounter obstacles. At the beginning of her career, Nicki Minaj emerged onto the rap scene with confidence and bravado. Despite her continued self-assurance in her music and presence, the mother of one has openly discussed her battle with anxiety.

    In a recent segment of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, the “Freedom” rapper shared her increased apprehension due to constant criticism, particularly as a woman. The 39-year-old expressed her belief that it is unnatural for anyone to constantly feel scrutinized.

    “It’s not normal for a person to constantly feel like they’re being criticized,” the 39-year-old expressed to Cordon.

    Moreover, Nicki Minaj has been selective about using social media platforms to protect her energy. She has previously voiced her concerns about the mistreatment of women in the industry, highlighting the need for necessary changes.

    Nicki Minaj Turns To Her Son During Difficult Times

    via Best Star News

    Nicki Minaj revealed that she occasionally faces anxiety, but she finds solace in her newborn son. She shared during the segment that her 18-month-old child brings immense joy into her life and reminds her of what really counts.

    “He brings me so much happiness,” she expressed to Cordon.

    Thankfully, Nicki Minaj leans on her son and family for support during challenging moments in her life.

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