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    Nicki Minaj Believes Female Rappers Need To Accept Criticism

    By being in the entertainment industry, stars have to learn how to juggle the ups and downs of the business. The biggest hurdle celebrities face is handling criticism. Recently, rapper BIA experienced negative response to her 2021 Hip Hop Awards performance. Instead of clapping back at the haters, the rap star learned from her mistakes and promised to do better next time. However, GOAT rapper Nicki Minaj believes that female rappers as a whole can’t take consecutive criticism.

                The GOAT Rapper Thinks Female Emcees Need Criticism

    via HotNewHipHop

    Despite the cut throat nature of Hollywood, celebrities love receiving praises just like regular folks. Of course, everyone loves receiving compliments. However, they can all use a little consecutive criticism sometimes, too.

    During a recent Instagram Live, Nicki Minaj spoke with former Little Mix star Jesy Nelson about female rappers lacking the ability to take criticism.

    “The new generation of female artists seems to struggle with handling criticism. They have this expectation of constant praise. When their albums don’t sell as expected, they fail to realize that they might be surrounded by people who aren’t honest with them. Nicki emphasized the importance of having a strong mindset in the rap industry.”

        Nicki Minaj’s Legacy

    via TheMirror

    It’s clear that the GOAT rapper knows all the ins and outs of the rap game. There’s no doubt that Minaj experienced her fair share of consecutive criticism earlier in her career. She knows that it’s difficult for a female emcee to receive respect. Even to this day, the rap industry still remains an all-exclusive boys club.

    Fortunately, a few rap queens like Nicki Minaj have changed the rap scene for the better. In addition, Minaj has achieved remarkable feats in the music industry. She stands alone as the sole female rapper to sell over 100 million records in the U.S. She has an impressive accomplishment of having the highest number of Billboard Hot 100 hits among female artists, with a remarkable 100 hits


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