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    Nick Diminico Is On A Mission On The Deluxe Version Of ‘NINTEND<3’

    The beauty of video games is that they don’t discriminate. You could be 8 or 80, no matter your age you can still find enjoyment in them. I love the fascination that music artists have with video games. Some of the best songs sample them, and you would never expect it. Atlanta artist Nick Diminico had to be inspired by video games in his newest release.

    What’s not to love about video games? They’re the perfect way to relax and take your mind off of things. But most importantly, they allow you to escape reality and enter a virtual world that is unlike the one we live in. This is what it feels like listening to Nick Diminico’s new EP NINTEND<3.

    Even though it’s only 5-songs, it’s a taste of what Nick has to offer. Named after Nintendo, you are immediately immersed in Nicks’s virtual world. Nick Diminico is undoubtedly a man on a mission, based on how focused he sounds on this EP. It reminds me of watching your friend/sibling play a game, and you’re a part of the journey with him.

    New Upgrade

    If that impressed you, he truly takes it a step further on the deluxe version of the EP. It’s like the project received a power-up because it is no longer just NINTEND<3. But now it is titled Super Nintend<3 because everything got upgraded to this version.

    Leveling Up

    With 4 fresh new songs being added, they sound so good that it feels as if these songs could have stood on their own. It only took a couple of months for Nick to get into the lab and enhance his sound.

    If there is any song you have to listen to, it has to be “Duffy”. Straight up, this song is for certified paper chasers. If you are not getting money, you won’t be able to resonate with his message. Nick raps about how acquiring money is his number one priority. This is why I appreciate this project, it’s something for everybody.

    Video game lover or not, you will appreciate an aspect of this EP. Be sure to check out the Nick Diminico’s latest EP NINTEND<3.


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