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    Nice Guys Matter, According To Sex Researchers

    According to studies conducted by the University of Guelph and Nipissing University, nice guys finish last, first, and more often than the bad boys that women are perceived to give the goods to.

    Full disclaimer, we’re talking about genuine nice guys, not the ones that make themselves appear that way on social media. Additionally, bad boy types are the guys that aren’t necessary jerks, but could be. More often than not, they’re the guys that girls consider classy, but a little nasty, traits that more women than you think subconsciously prefer.
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    Also, this information can be used in reverse to say nice women are more than likely to get the goods from men opposed to the nonchalant, I’m “not interested” girls.

    Circling back to the studies, the first study conducted obtained the opinion of 800 people, asking them about their sexual history. The survey participants were asked how often did they partake in an act of kindness, donating time or material possessions for the greater good of someone else.

    According to the study, men and women who engaged in more acts of kindness engaged in more sexual intercourse as well opposed to those who didn’t engage in as many acts of kindness.
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    To drive home the point, another study was conducted on 500 college students, asking them about their sex life. However, unlike the first survey, this time a common question was then asked to every participant.

    The question was if you won $100 would you donate it all of the money to charity, keep the money, or donate some of the money to charity.

    According to the survey, the end results indicated men who answered with selfless responses, donate the entire $100 to charity or some of the $100, were engaging in more sex than those who said they’d pocket the entire $100.

    Because both studies conducted research on male and female, this data can be used in reverse, concluding that nice women get laid more than selfish girls.
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    More importantly, in the grand scheme of things, two surveys are not enough to form a general opinion, but it’s enough to get the ball rolling on more research.

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