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    NGB Tay And Sarabee Blends Nostalgia With Modern Creative Smoothly With “I’m The One”

    A nice new gem from blossoming emcee by the way of Baltimore NGB Tay and Arkansas bred songstress Sarabee with single “I’m The One” via AllMasterMinds; which is a clever sample that doesn’t solely rely on a nostalgia factor.

    The two go back in forth in a pleasant sounding love anthem which drops in the nick of time for those Valentines Day feels. Overall it’s a nice add for lovers of all generations.

    NGB Tay has found success in his young career with a co-sign from Meek Mill for his natural rapping talents, opening up for J.Cole, and recently getting verified on Instagram which exudes the limitless potential for the rapidly ascending Charm City native.

    Sarabee is a nice sounding artist who gives of a similar vibe to that of Aaliyah or Kiana Lede with her beautiful, articulate vocals. She has opened up for Nivea and has a lot of motion trending her upwards for the sum of 2023.

    Stream “I’m The One” below.


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