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    NFL Commissioner Holds Press Conference

    Today NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell held a press conference in which he spoke on a range of topics.

    From Antonio Brown to the reinstatement of Myles garret. In addition to player news, Goodell spoke on new helmets to help with concussions.

    When asked about Antonio Brown, Goodell stated that he was more concerned with browns’ mental health more than anything. Also, Goodell said that he and the NFL would like to help Brown get back on track.

    Goodell also said that some changes would be coming to the Rooney Rule. In hopes of helping with the diversity in regards to the hiring of coaches around the league.

    He also announced that the NFL would be playing two games in Mexico next season. The NFL hasn’t decided on the teams that will be playing in those games yet.

    When asked about the current CBA. Goodell stated he would not negotiate it publicly, but that they were close to a deal.

    NFL Commissioner to honor Bryant and Coleman at Superbowl

    After the world fell in shock over the death of Basketball legend Kobe Bryant, Goodell said they were preparing a tribute to the late ballplayer at this year’s Superbowl.

    NFL Commissioner Holds Press-1

    The commissioner was also asked about a team being permanently in London. Goodell didn’t shoot down the idea. Instead, he said he would like to build on the progress they have made so far in London.

    In regards to retirement, Goodell laughed, saying that he is not planning on retiring anytime soon. That the thought hasn’t even crossed his mind.

    Though questions on officiating and Colin Kaepernick were not addressed, Goodell did speak on the New England Patriots and the current investigation. Goodell said that the NFL would like to take its time and handle the matter carefully.

    On a lighter note. When Goodell was asked about having Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes in such a small market, Goodell stated that he was happy to have Mahomes in any market — calling him a good player and a good man.

    What did you think about NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell’s remarks? Let us know in the comments.

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