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    New York’s Ice Spice Cops A $100K Custom Iced-Out Chain

    Rappers have been making terrible investments since the inception of the genre, especially when it comes to jewelry. No other music genre spends nearly as much as rappers do. The best thing about history is that history always repeats itself. After having a phenomenal 2022, emerging artist Ice Spice treated herself to a $100K diamond chain.

    Celebrating Her Success

    Last Friday, New York’s Ice Spice released her debut EP Like…? And it’s been receiving nothing but great reviews from critics. So what better way to celebrate this success than by making a lucrative purchase? For the average person, that looks like a car or a pair of shoes, but Ice Spice had different plans. She invested her money in a custom $100K chain.

    You would think for that hefty price tag, her chain would be massive, but that is far from the truth. Her chain of choice was a medium-sized custom “Power Puff Girls” piece. I’m not a hater or anything, but that chain is so average. I’ve seen bigger iced-out chains cost way less.

    Only 1 Winner

    The only person who wins in this situation has to be the jeweler. He probably knew he could get away with overcharging her because of her celebrity status. Hopefully, Ice Spice has an accountant because these are the kind of purchases that make rappers go broke. I truly hope she bought a house or land first.


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