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    New York Yankees Gary Sanchez Expectations Questioned

    As the New York Yankees approach the playoffs, they find themselves questioning Gary Sanchez’s expectations. The catcher is once again having a wickedly inconsistent year for the Yankees. Early this season, many considered him a potential All-Star and now it seems to be an afterthought nearing the playoffs.

    Consider the consistent production from others on the team. Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton has covered up the lack of homers by Sanchez. At one point, he went on a 19 straight game run with any home runs, dating back to July.

    During that span, he appeared at the plate 72 times and recorded 13-for-65 with three doubles, a triple, and five RBIs, and seven walks, per New York Post. Not to mention, he was struck out 21 times and has OPS of .555 far from his high of .847. This is a significant drop and well below average. 

    Sanchez Continues to be Underwhelming for the Yankees

    Sanchez had to overcome a very slow start to the season. He eventually got benched due to his lack of performance. Many believe the benching helped him find motivation as he began to regain his form and earn his job back from Kyle Higashioka. Due to his talent, Sanchez will always be considered a threat even when he is not necessarily performing to his potential. Mid-season he seemed to be regaining form, he hit three home runs in five games. 

    Then again, after he went on his scorching hot stretch, the 28-year-old struggled at the plate. Although, he did receive credit for the improvement of the Yankees pitching within the past month. It seems Sanchez hasn’t been able to capitalize on his good first half of the season. However, this was a huge improvement from his disappointing 2020 season. 

    “This is who he is,’’ one AL scout said. “He’ll be locked in, lose it, and then get locked in again. You just don’t know when he’ll get going.”

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