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    New York Rapper Toosii Wants To Get Back To His Lover In “Lonely”

    New York has pretty much become the biggest city in birthing great musicians. Everyone from Jay-Z to Nicki Minaj has dominated the rap scene. While there’s several New York artists to love, music fans might want to set their sights on up-and-coming rapper Toosii.

    Born Nau’Jour Grainger, the Syracuse, NY rapper has earned the title as a “critically-acclaimed” star in the eyes of the rap world. He’s a member of XXL Magazine’s esteemed Freshman Class in 2021, has billions of monthly Spotify listeners and streams, and has worked with the likes of DaBaby and Summer Walker. Having started his pursuit in music in the late 2000s, Toosii has found himself rising to the top.

    His growing presence is all thanks to records like his 2020’s Poetic Pain and 2021’s Thanks You For Believing. Other noteworthy projects include his 2019 mixtape Who Dat? and 2020’s Platinum Heart. Even his biggest success “Love Is” received mad praise from just about everyone in the music industry. Moreover, XXL Magazine regarded the song as one of the “Best New HipHop Songs.” The list of achievements just goes on for Toosii. Now fans immediately recognize his melodic flows and autographical style. Rather than going for the typical rap-battle style, Toosii often discusses his personal life on a intimate level in his songs. Clearly, he’s a man who loves love.

    Furthermore, his growing presence in New York’s rap scene eventually caught the eye of South Coast Music Group. Eventually, Toosii signed to the record label in 2019. Clearly, the rapper has a lot going for him.

    Even with all the success coming his way, he’s still hard at work in the studio. Recently, the New York rapper dropped his newest emotive project “Lonely.” The track finds Toosii desperate to return home to his lover.

    Toosii Admits That He’s “Lonely” Without His Lover

    While SoundCloud rap and trap music is on the rise in the HipHop industry, emotive rap music has also increased in popularity. Whether it’s pain-stricken, street narratives or personal love songs, rappers opening up to fans more.

    Furthermore, Toosii’s “Lonely” shows the rapper’s soft underbelly. Serving listeners with another entry from his love diary, “Lonely” finds the New York rapper eager to get back to his lady. Being on tour and constantly on the road has led the rapper to “go through Hell” without his lover by his side.

    On another note, the visuals feature him rapping inside a huge luxury mansion. Despite his lavish style, Toosii has no one to share it with. Moreover, he admits that no one knows him like his lover does, even the darker parts of himself. Arguably, the song isn’t as personal and deeply-heartfelt as his previous “Love Is . . .” track. Though, “Lonely” does reveal that Toosii is a hopeless romantic. When he falls in love, he falls hard.

    The New York Rapper Keeps It Moving

    via Marc Cortes

    Toosii has a lot to offer, not only as a potential love interest, but also as a rap star. The New Yorker is well on his way to becoming an interesting rap star. Furthermore, Toosii’s authencity makes him an intriguing new artist. Be sure to check out more music by New York rapper Toosii.


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