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    New York Rapper Ron Suno’s “What They Gon Say” Remix Brings Heat

    Full of unconstrained energy and bringing that New York heat every time, rapper Run Suno has it all. His passion for rap and drill music shows in his dedication to the craft. Having started rapping at the ripe age of 13, Ron Suno has had time to build his presence in the rap scene. Furthermore, the Bronx rapper’s 2019 “Pinocchio” and 2020 “Spider-Man” hit tracks, propelled him to internet fame. The two songs alone have garnished millions of streams and YouTube views.

    While it’s clear that most people love Run Suno’s rap skills, his stand-up comedy also made him a viral hit. In 2017, he single-handedly popularized the social trend #WeaveChallenge on Tik Tok. In only a few short months, Suno gained half a million Instagram followers.

    Clearly, the Bronx-rapper has a huge social media presence. More importantly, he knows how to make great drill music. Recently, the newcomer dropped the music video for “What They Gon Say” remix featuring fellow New York rapper Rowdy Rebel. The two emcees go into the record with high-energy, delivering one savage record.

    Ron Suno Goes Off On New Track

    At one point, Soulja Boy showed everyone how to do the “Superman” dance off of his 2007 breakout track “Crank That.” Though, Bronx-rapper Ron Suno takes all the credit for his 2019 hit “Spider-Man” track. Surprisingly enough, several rap stars like to make references to Marvel and DC superheroes. Though, Suno didn’t need to name-drop superheroes to reach millions of people. Rather, the New York rapper’s high-energy rap flows are what draw in the crowds.

    Having released his newest drill track “What They Gon Say” remix last Friday , Suno already has thousands of views on YouTube. Numbers don’t lie. It’s clear Suno has skill, as well as his collaborator Rowdy Rebel. Together, the two spit bars at 1000 words per 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Are these guys even human? The instrumentals of the song even struggle to keep up with the rap stars, with fast-paced violin strings and drill-base beats. Rap elites Busta Rhymes and Eminem would be proud.

    Stay Tuned For More

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    If Ron Suno hasn’t secured his place in the rap scene by now, he definitely has after dropping the remix track and music video to “What They Gon Say.” After delivering rapid-fire bars, no one in their right mind will have anything to say. Arguably, Ron Suno renders his competitors speechless and leaves them eating a mouthful of his dust.

    Be sure to “catch up” with Ron Suno and listen to more of his high-energy, fast-paced tunes.




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