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    New York Rapper J.I’s Drops “Young & Restless Vol. 1 Baby Don”

    Raised in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood, artist J.I has made a name for himself in NY. He first tasted stardom after appearing on Lifetime’s reality show The Rap Game. Furthermore, the self-dubbed “Prince Of New York” used his presence on the show to gear up for the release of his debut 2017 EP Barely Famous. However, J.I’s future in rap music soon turned bleak after spending all his reality show earnings and facing homelessness. Though, he pushed on.

    It wasn’t long before the Bronx native’s presence attracted music producers such as Gaby Acevedo, who now manages the young artist. She helped J.I score his first record deal with Geffen Records. Things started to fall into place when the record deal spawned the release of his successful 2019 mixtape Hood Life Krisis, Vol. 1. Even better, the record’s lead single “Need Me” became J.I’s breakout track. His melodies and braggadocios energy hypnotized fans. Not to mention, the hit song even went platinum. That’s an impressive accomplishment, especially for an emerging rap star.

    J.I continued with the Hood Life Krisis series, dropping hit singles that amassed him millions of views and streams. Eventually, he scored collaborations with other stars from NY such as Lil Tjay and Queen Najia. A rapper and a co-producer, J.I has some serious star power.

    J.I especially implemented that star power in his newest project Young & Restless Vol. 1 Baby Don. Furthermore, the record shows the artist entering the next phase of his career. Brimming with confidence, clever wordplay and contagious beats, J.I reminds everyone that he’s not a “one-hit wonder.” He’s here to stay and stake his claim to the rap throne.

    New York Artist J.I Only Makes Bangers

    New York artist J.I always delivers on just about every track and mixtape he produces. The young emcee has plenty of talent. It’s no wonder that he’s ready to take the world by storm. Furthermore, his newest EP Young & Restless Vol. 1 Baby Don shows the rapper full of confidence and unafraid of whatever threats come his way.

    The 11-track offering showcases the young artist’s ability to shift effortlessly between the heartfelt and the coldblooded. Carrying on NY’s long-standing tradition of Puerto Rican hip hop talent, J.I makes it clear that he’s top dog in his neighborhood. Many songs off the EP, such as  “Relapse”, “Stronger” and “Murda” show off J.I’s rap battle skill set, where he basically boasts that he’ll take out any competitors in the blink of an eye.

    On the flip side, other tracks show a somewhat softer, reflective and vulnerable side to the artist. Additionally, he goes into a storytelling mode that offers insight into the rapper’s life. In talks with Vibe , J.I revealed that before he started rapping, he wrote short stories all the time. Tracks “Wings” and  J.I “Love Letter” find the rapper talking about past lovers and heartbreak. Arguably, “Love Letter” shows J.I’s most honest self, where he admits all his faults. He even claims that he’ll change his ways in order to win back a past love. With flowing melodies and a smooth rap flow that breathes self-assurance, J.I has a voice that’ll forever remain in our minds.

    What’s Next For NY’s Rising Prince J.I?

    via Genius

    When J.I raps, he doesn’t hold back. The self-dubbed “Prince Of New York” may have a long way to go in his career, but he’s not far from reaching ultimate success. His latest EP will certainly level up his game. While J.I has released several hit tracks off the EP, including his massively popular song “Riot,” he plans to take them to the stage.

    On July 10, J.I will perform several tracks off the Young & Restless Vol. 1 Baby Don EP on an international stage at the London’s Wireless Festival. Guess his dreams of achieving world dominance will finally come true.

    Be sure to check out more great music by New York newcomer J.I.





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