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    New York Jets Zach Wilson, Robert Saleh Win Their First Game

    The New York Jets Zach Wilson and Robert Saleh celebrate their first victory together this past Sunday. The duo has struggled throughout the season; however, Wilson has shown flashes early in the season. Coach Saleh encouraged Wilson to have fun and enjoy the moment.

    Wilson Improves Every Week

    The Jets were able to find a way to win over the Tennesse Titans at MetLife Sunday evening, 27-24. They went into overtime with the Titans where Wilson led the game-winning drive for the Jets. Although Randy Bullock missed the 54-yard field goal to seal the win for the Jets, Wilson played exceptionally and consistently threw for 297 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception.

    “It was an interesting fun, though — a roller-coaster game, for sure,” Wilson said.

    Wilson delivered a performance that was not only exciting but game-changing. Nonetheless, the rookie quarterback still made some costly mistakes that could have flipped the momentum in Tenessee’s favor.

    “I had a couple of chances to end it and I have to take advantage of those opportunities,” Wilson said. “I’m excited, but at the same time, I’m beating myself up.”

    Saleh Has Great Promise

    Saleh trusted in his abilities, which hints at why they drafted him. Sunday he showed why his potential was seen as game-changing, As Wilson continues to evolve, he only proves that Jets will go as far as the young quarterback takes them. This past weekend he executed about three backyard football types of plays. They all led to big-time plays downfield or touchdowns. When he escapes out the pocket he is at his best and his team feeds off his energy.

    “That’s like backyard ball,” said Davis, who made four catches for 111 yards against his former team.

    Wilson continued to have a slow start but he began to gain momentum and pick it up later in the second half. Despite that fact, his teammates continue to support him and praise him after setting them back offensively. Saleh believes in his abilities and accepts there will be growing pains; however, he sees great promise in this young team going forward being led by Wilson.

    “You’ve got to understand you’re in this position for a reason and there’s going to be growing pains, but you’ve got to do what you’ve done your whole life,” said Wilson, explaining his flair for dramatic plays. “You’ve got to turn the noise off and make it like practice.”

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