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    New York Artist Kelz Brings Listeners Something New On “Good 2 Me”

    New York artist Kelz knows exactly how to bring a new and refreshing vibe to the hip-hop scene. The independent artist has a sound unlike any other star out there. His distinctive vocals mixed and ethereal upbeat dancehall productions will definitely make people listen. So far, he’s only dropped two tracks, such as “Sinner” and “Why,” but that doesn’t mean he isn’t growing in popularity.

    Furthermore, he’s won over support from the likes of The FADER and Lyrical Lemonade. Additionally, stars like Drake, Jack Harlow, Pharrell, Jorja Smith, and Brent Faiyaz have co-signed for Kelz. Clearly, the artist and songwriter is one major player in the hip-hop scene. Not only has he received major recognition from several high-profile artists, but he’s also been named the Artist to Watch by Apple Music this year.

    Continuing his rise to fame, the East New York native has returned with his new single “Good 2 Me.” Produced by Kelz himself, the track shows a promising future for the artist. More importantly, he’s gearing up to change the face of R&B music forever.

    Kelz’s Moves Onto To Better Things In “Good 2 Me”

    New York artist and songwriter Kelz knows how to drop tracks that listeners can’t get enough of. His two tracks “Why” and “Sinner” have certainly turned heads. Some might even have to do a double-take, especially after listening to his “Good 2 Me.” Furthermore, the song finds the artist noting that he’s moving on to better things in life.

    In the visuals, Kelz is found surrounded by his friends and having fun on his ride to fame.
    Having produced the track himself, Kelz put his special touch on the song. With smooth vocals that resemble The Weekend and great production quality, it’s no wonder the guy is on the rise to fame.

    The Inspiration For The Song

    Good 2 Me
    via Garrett Bruce

    Kelz may have only dropped three songs but he’s clearly making waves in the HipHop scene. The artist and songwriter’s newest track “Good 2 Me” definitely sparked a lot of interest. 

    In a recent interview, he shared the inspiration behind his latest single, expressing that it pays homage to his beloved hometown of Brooklyn, NY. “I aimed to infuse a lively essence into the neighborhood. 

    My goal is to craft a unique sound from NY that hasn’t been heard before,” he stated. Don’t miss out on more captivating music from the talented New York artist, Kelz.


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