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    New Video: “Shipwrecked” – Johan Feder

    Introducing Johan Feder. The new international star set sails to the top of the charts with his amazing new single and visual, titled, “Shipwrecked.” A song about the insecurities and the infinite possibilities of love. Johan Feder takes to the beach in the new video with a beautiful love interest to do some soul searching. It is an acoustic classic in the making.

    “Shipwrecked” is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans. It’s sophisicated, layered, unique and game-changing. Feder is magentic, refreshing and arguably one of the best new songwriters in music. It’s only a matter of time before the megastar come calling for collaborations.

    “Shipwrecked” is quickly spreading like wildfire through organic popularity by word of mouth. To-date, the song has accumulated an impressive 13,000 monthly streams on Spotify. The debut song sets up a promising debut full-length by the striving artist, slated for a late-2020/early-2021 release. An expected follow-up to “Shipwrecked” is the August 2020 single “Take On Me A-Ha.” Watch “Shipwrecked” above.

    “Shipwrecked” is streaming on all DSPs via Sparkles Records. For everything Johan Feder, follow him on Instagram.

    New Video Shipwrecked


    Actor, musician, traveler. Johan Feder’s trajectory to legendary status as a jack of all trades is inevitable. Hailing from France, Johan does not create music because he has to; he does so because he loves to. He has been passionate about music since he was a kid. He learned how to play the piano when he was only 10. Top of 2020, The 24-year-old sensation arrived on the international music landscape with a catchy look, song and energy in his 2020 debut single, “Shipwrecked.” The song’s impacted transformed Feder into a new trending star with all eyes on him for what he produced next. Johan released a visual presentation for “Shipwrecked” in July 2020 and further propelled himself into bonafide stardom.

    A multi-player, Feder has mastered the guitar. Johan is incredibly talented with the strings; he recently posted a cover of Take On Me by a-ha. The cover was serene, and his beautiful voice made the effect almost dreamy.

    2021 promises to be Johan Feder’s breakout year, guaranteed.

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