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    New Jersey’s Swavie, Got What You Need on New Single ‘Wit Me

    Everything about Swavie’s music screams star. Not too many artists come swinging out the gate with quality music. Most people show glimmers of their potential in their early stages, but his talent is like a bright radiance you can’t ignore.

    The Signs are Telling

    His 2022 single “Can You” with artist Ye Ali, was my first introduction to Swavie. He gives off the vibe that he’s a seasoned veteran, even though he’s not. The way he held his own with his top-notch vocal skills madly impressed me. That told me everything I needed to know about him as an artist to buy all the imaginary stock in his career.

    I’m telling you, I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years that Swavie happens to be one of the fresh faces of R&B. It feels like the throne of R&B has badly been yearning for a new king and he happens to be from New Jersey. His new single “Wit Me” confirms that when the time is right, he should be worthy of that consideration.

    No Expiration Date

    I can sleep well at night knowing that R&B is in safe hands. More and more as the summer winds down, music seems to lose some of its passion and energy. I like that Swavie doesn’t base his music on the climate. It seems like he makes music that’s near and dear to his heart.

    “Wit Me” is one of those songs that enhances your mood. All love and positivity coming from Swavie’s end. The dude must find peace in providing great energy at all times of the year in his music. He never loses sight of his purpose, which I think is to tell his stories through an art form. But I don’t think he will be satisfied, till he surpasses all his goals.

    Mark my words that Swavie got next. Be sure to go stream his new single “Wit Me”.


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