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    New J. Cole: An Up-Close & Personal Look

    The Rapper J. Cole has released two new tracks from his forthcoming album, The Fall Off. The new single is titled Lewis Street, and includes tracks “The Climb Back” and “Lion King on Ice”.

    The release arrived on Wednesday, July 22nd. J. Cole confirmed the release on Twitter, “First 2 songs from The Fall Off. The Climb Back. Lion King on Ice. Available now.” He also included a URL to the Smartlink.


    Produced by J. Cole, “The Climb Back,” addresses the cyclical nature of life and its hardships. The chorus repeats, “Everything come back around full circle / Why do lies sound pleasant but the truth hurtful.” 

    “Everybody gotta cry once in a while / But how long will it take before you smile.” 

    “Lion King on Ice” was co-produced by J. Cole with jetsonmade and the “MIDDLE CHILD” (2019) collaborator, T-Minus. The track discusses all that J. Cole has gone through to get to where he is now.

    Emphasizing “blood on my hands,” he points to the struggles and sacrifices he’s made. J. Cole makes sure to tell us, however, that he isn’t finished yet: “I got real, real big plans, I ain’t gon’ lie / Got a whole lot to prove, I ain’t gon’ lie.”

    The song closes on an uplifting note,

    “I prayed for better days / Then found a better me.”

    The Fall Off does not yet have a release date. Cole shared on social media that he is taking his time to finish the project.

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