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    New Interesting Matchup: Dejounte Murray vs. Rookie Paulo Banchero

    Star guard Dejounte Murray has yet to suit up in an Atlanta Hawks uniform and yet many people see him being an issue going forward, reported Chase Irle for Yardbarker. Some believe he’s an amazing addition and will bring an edge and an energy to Atlanta that has ceased to exist. Recently, both Murray and rookie Paulo Banchero suited up for a Pro-AM game. However things seemed to get chip-y in the court, which later resulted in petty internet beef. While I don’t support internet beefing and silly back-and-forth shots attempting to embarrass one another, I’d be lying if I didn’t say this is amazing for fans and for the NBA. While the schedules have yet to be released by the NBA, one may assume that they will play each other early in the year.

    During the Pro-Am game, Murray gave Bonchero an early welcome to the NBA. This became the first of many exchanges over the next day or so. Ironically, Murray claimed the young star needed some humbling. While all summer Murray has proven to be a menace to other players. It’s a bit odd, however, and one may argue he’s attempting to put on a show for the fans who may not be able to afford to see them play live at the stadium. Regardless, Murray and Banchero are from the same city, Seattle. This makes the competition between the two that much more fierce. Banchero admitted, he looked up to Murray at one point. And now, sadly they have beef. Guess one’s idols do become their rivals at some point!

    Timeline of beef between Murray and Banchero:

    Many Atlanta Hawk fans are extremely excited to have this energy brought to their city and team. However, his pure emotion for the game may also be a detriment. Who’s to say if he takes a hard foul he’s not going to lose it or better yet take it to social media after the game?

    It’s just something to think about. in the meantime, both teams have something to fuel the beginning of the 2022-23 season. We’ll see how things play out from here.

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