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    New Houston’s MC Beezy Shares Red-Hot Album “Special”

    Two years in the making, the fast-rising Houston recording artist, MC Beezy, unveils the anticipated project Special. With the city behind him, Beezy’s new release cements his moniker, “The Voice of Houston,” with catchy melodies, magnetic energy, feel-good southern appeal and undeniable sing-a-long hooks. “It feels strange to finally be released after such a long time,” MC Beezy explains. “Although these songs are new to people, we’ve been hearing them for what feels like forever. R&B may be considered a lost art by some, but it’s still very much alive. Whether it’s a Sunday fun day, happy hour, or intimate time with your partner, this 10-track album provides the perfect soundtrack. Drawing inspiration from Houston nightlife and personal experiences, this album is relatable from one song to another. Singing has always been a part of my life, and I wanted to showcase my growth as an artist and as a person.”

    Among the new project are breakout cuts “Crave,” “Sunday Funday” and the title track. It’s the ideal introduction for any new fan as the rising star journeys toward superstardom. The project opens up a door to southern R&B that hasn’t been heard of since the 90s.

    MC Beezy calls himself the voice of Houston and it’s evident that the singer and rap artist has a lot to say. Coming from a city that has provided such an impactful rap infrastructure with talent like that of Slim Thug, Scarface, and Trae the Truth, Beezy is standing on his own by creating a diverse, yet soulful sound that edges on the verge of R&B. Breaking out with his single “Swagged Up I Be Killing It” in 2011, MC Beezy has grown immensely in a craft he’s been participating in since 2008.

    Find out more about MC Beezy below.


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