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    New Friends Release New Eye-Opening Single Entitled “Waste My Time”

    Ontario-based quartet New Friends recently disclosed an eye-opening single entitled “Waste My Time.”

    Please don’t waste my time! That sounds like when the group New Friends returns with their second single from their upcoming EP. Here, the song problematizes a toxic relationship where both parties have crossed a line when their love becomes unhealthy.

    Much is discussed, but the respective musical implementation is always different, precisely why New Friends is dedicated to making songs to such a form of interpersonal interaction.

    New Friends is the name of an up-and-coming Canadian quartet that incorporates genre-bending anthems translated through emotions, feelings, fears, and anxieties to represent modern-day pop soundscape.

    The band was formed in 2018 when Stefan Boulineau, Ayden Miller, Cole Wilson, and Conrad Galecki encountered one another as music students. Ever since, the band has stuck together, constantly producing unique songs for their fans with each member’s talents.

    Furthermore, the energetic, fun, and cheerful pop-rock single “Waste My Time” is interwoven with acoustic guitars and combines a driving tempo and strong melody to give us a fast-paced listen.

    From the first moment, the feeling is euphoric, and the atmosphere is tight. Every single pop fan will fall flat for this beautiful hit.

    Suppose you value listening to premium music! Put this song on your favorite indie-pop playlist.

    Stream “Waste My Time” on Spotify 

    Connect with New Friends: Instagram| Facebook| Twitter| Spotify

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