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    Netflix’s Raising Dion Filming Season 2, 2022 Expected Release

    Netflix’s Raising Dion Premiere Date Revealed 

    Netflix Raising Dion
    Netflix’s Raising Dion is done filming season 2. Expected release is sometime in 2022.
    via Netflix

    Initially, Raising Dion was based on a comic book with the same name authored by Dennis Liu. Evidently, Michael B Jordan has been involved with getting this project made from the start. Additionally, Jordan even made a cameo as the deceased father. As news broke that season 2 was on its way, the show began circulating on social media. Then, excitement began to grow as its been quite a while since the first season. But as timing has it, there is still time to catch up with our favorite superhero kid. Raising Dion will be available to stream on Netflix sometime in 2022 but good news is the show has concluded filming season 2.

    Raising Dion Plot

    Raising Dion
    Netflix’s Raising Dion is done filming season 2. Expected release is sometime in 2022.
    via Netflix

    The gist of Raising Dion is first built around a single mother and son duo. The son named Dion is a seven-year-old little boy. One day, he discovers that he has powers. Now, his mother has to protect her son from potential threats and those who may want to exploit his powers. Additionally, Dion has some pretty strong powers including telekinesis, invisibility, and teleportation. But out of all his superpowers, his strongest power is the ability to heal others. But of course this comes as a detriment to his own well-being.

    Netflix’s Raising Dion Cast

    While the original cast of Netflix’s Raising Dion is mostly likely to reprise their roles in season 2, expect some new characters as new casting has been revealed. 

    Season 1 Cast

    Alisha Wainwright as Nicole Reese

    Ja’Siah Young as Dion Warren

    Jazmyn Simon as Kat Neese

    Sammi Haney as Esperanza Jimenez

    Jason Ritter as Pat Rollins

    Ali Ahn as Suzanne Wu

    Michael B. Jordan as Mark Warren

    Season 2 Casting Additions

    Rome Flynn as Tevin Wakfield

    Aubriana Davis as Janelle

    Two new casted characters could shake things up for season 2. First, Rome Flynn who plays Tevin Wakefield will become a mentor figure for Dion. Secondly, a new kid with powers will appear with problems of her own, 15-year-old Janelle. Aubriana Davis will play Janelle has been deemed destructive but after meeting Dion and Nicole, she begins to realize her powers are not a negative thing. Also continuing with the plot ending of season 1, Dion needs to find away to bring his dad home for good and confront a new villian with old energy. As Mark pointed out: energy never dies.

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