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    NBA Youngboy Wants That “Number One” Spot For Himself

    Not all rappers enjoy being compared to one another. In fact, many of them try to downplay each others bar skills. Recently, NBA Youngboy didn’t like the idea of sharing the same “number 1” spot with Drake. During an Instagram live session with his booking agent, the Louisiana star made it clear that only one emcee could be at the top and that’s him.

    NBA Youngboy Refuses To Share The Number One Spot

    number one spot
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    Rap music requires a tough skin and even better skills on the mic. While Drake has always remained one of the biggest rappers of the industry, some like NBA Youngboy don’t believe he deserves the number one spot. In fact, he doesn’t even want to be in the same league with the guy. Ouch!

    This week, NBA Youngboy and his booking agent, MAC Agency CEO Andrew Lieber went on an Instagram Live. Furthermore, the two talked about NBA Youngboy’s new smile. Though, the idle conversation and praise soon took a turn for the worst after Lieber stated that both NBA Youngboy and Drake are the biggest rappers right now.

    Unfortunately, the Louisiana star took offense to the comparison. Additionally, he played Drake during the live session after he asked, “Who?” and “Whatchu’ talkin’ bout?” Clearly, NBA Youngboy wants that number 1 spot all to himself.

                They Both Have Great Records

    number one spot
    via SoundCloud

    While NBA Youngboy may think he’s the only one at the top, he’s got another thing coming. Arguably, both emcees have produced some very well-received records in the last few years or so. Moreover, Drake’s most recent album “Her Loss” has brought in some major sales. Even in the mist of controversy, Drizzy still maintains his best-selling streak.

    Not to mention, NBA Youngboy dropped seven records within one full year, which counts as a pretty impressive worth ethic. The Last Silmento topped the Billboard Charts at the No. 2 spot. Clearly, both artists are heavy-weight hitters in the rap industry. Why not share the spotlight just this one time?




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