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    NBA Youngboy Contract Done, Doesn’t Re-Sign With Atlantic Records

    Signing a record deal can be a rewarding experience for a new artist. More importantly, an up and coming emcee can gain the exposure they need from signing with a record label. Unfortunately, southern rapper NBA Youngboy didn’t have a great experience working with Atlantic records. In fact, the rapper says the label barely supported him. He didn’t even bother to re-sign with them. Now with a net worth of $6 million, NBA Youngboy warns artists not to sign with Atlantic Records.

    NBA Youngboy Turns Down A $25 Million-Deal To Re-sign

    via Yahoo

    When it comes to making the right decision, NBA Youngboy fits the bill. Akademiks recently stated that the rapper declined a $25 million offer to renew their contract with Atlantic Records. Apparently, NBA Youngboy isn’t a fan of the record label anymore. “He wants his freedom. The dude wants to become an independent artist and do his own thing,” Akademiks said. Clearly, NBA Youngboy wants to lead his own path as an artist. Atlantic Records artists demand more support from the label.

    Don’t Go With Atlantic Records

    via Urban Islandz

    Unfortunately, “On Everything” artist didn’t have a great time being an artist for Atlantic Records. He’s made it known on several occasions that he’s not a fan of his former record label. He takes every opportunity to make a jab at the company.

    Back in February, the rapper bashed Atlantic Records on social media, saying the company didn’t support him. Additionally, after one of his mixtapes took the #1 spot on the Billboard Charts, the record label removed it. It’s no wonder the artist didn’t re-sign with Atlantic Records. Now NBA Youngboy warns others about signing with Atlantic Records but what will his future contract look like?

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