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    NBA Baller’s Gambling Addiction

    Throughout life, many people try and find ways to amass fortunes. Some look to use talent and skill, while others may utilize platforms such as good old ground or modern looking online casino. Another option comes in the form of God give abilities such as sports. Being a professional athlete comes with plenty of perks, including being paid millions. These NBA players took spending to another level when it came to the game of chance.

    The love for basketball has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon. For decades, it has been able to change the lifestyle of families living in poverty. The demand for great athletes on sports platforms allows talented youth another option outside of secondary education, and regular 9 to 5’s. With Basketball being the center of attention for Universities, funding for Basketball programs have become top priority. So much money has been generated from the game of Basketball with no end in sight. Establishments around the world try to take advantage anyway they can to make a bottom dollar.
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    We’ve seen the game of basketball evolve into the ultimate form of revenue for gambling companies, including fantasy leagues. The storylines, game match ups, and off court drama creates an environment for gamblers to test theory and knowledge of the beloved sport. NBA athletes are presented with a chance of a lifetime regarding their skill and talent. These athletes who have trained for mostly all their lives are able to cash in leading up to the draft. With all the money, they can imagine at their fingertips, it can be hard to manage money.
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    One of the most prolific spenders was Antoine Walker. This NBA baller had several run ins with the law when it came to spending. In June 2011, the three-time all-star plead guilty to writing bad checks to Caesars Palace, and other gambling institutions. Walker was ordered to pay more than $750,000 in restitution and banned from entering the establishments ever again. In addition to restitution, Antoine was sentenced to five years of probation. The 1996 first round drafter continued to face hardships, including losing more than $108 Million, and filing for bankruptcy after ending his career.

    Another noticeable gambler was none other than Charles Barkley. The outwardly persona of the 11-time all-star exceeded the phrase of “Money Ain’t A Thing”, when it came down to his spending habits. It was reported in 2016, that Barkley lost at least 30 million Throughout the course of his gambling. Barkley has made it known to the world that plans to continue to gamble as he can afford high risk losses and rewards. One thing that he made clear, was that he never bet on basketball and utilizes his habit at casinos.
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    One of the most known gamblers in the NBA, was none other than number 23. The phenomenal skillset of Jordan lead to big paydays when it came to his NBA salary and endorsements. Fellow team mates of Jordan claimed that he would bet on a simple game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, that would end with someone owing $100,000. With an unlimited stream of revenue coming in, Jordan was known for betting heavy on gambling’s biggest stages.

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