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    Nattyva Welcomes You to the Party with Her Latest Single

    Canadian singer/songwriter Nattyva has released her latest single, “Welcome,” and it’s time to celebrate. With its afrobeat influences and Nattyva’s signature sound, “Welcome” is a party anthem with a powerful message. The upbeat track was recorded at Highlife Studios in Washington, DC, and produced by Scott, Mr. Executif, in Nigeria.

    Nattyva’s journey to becoming a musician has been difficult, but her passion for music has kept her going. Born in Rwanda, Nattyva was discouraged from pursuing a career in music. However, after moving to Canada and meeting a music producer who recognized her talent, she released her debut single, “DANCEFLOOR,” which won her the Academy Award for Best Pop Song in 2016.
    With “Welcome,” Nattyva continues to showcase her unique sound and inspiring message. As she sings in the chorus, “Welcome to the party of life,” she invites listeners to join in and celebrate the joys of life. Nattyva’s music stands as a testament to the remarkable strength in chasing one’s dreams and embracing passions, regardless of the challenges that may arise.

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