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    Nat Na$ty Unleashes Major Fairy Bad Bish Energy As Dola Mac

    Recording artist and visionary Nat Na$ty delivers authenticity on her highly anticipated debut album Dola Mac: A Fairy Bad Bish on September 8. The 11-track album serves as a reminder that setbacks only made this bad bish stronger. It’s a motivation for all women to tap into their inner confidence and chase their dreams without reserve. From the enticing sound to the vulnerability in her heavy-hitting lyrics, listeners are drawn in by Nat Na$ty’s subtle storytelling.

    Becoming Nat Na$ty

    Growing up in New Jersey in close proximity to the birthplace of hip hop, Nat Na$ty developed a love for the genre. Considering that Nat shares the same birthday as hip hop, August 11, her path as an artist was destined. To better understand where an artist is going, it is important to consider their roots. The September 8 release date is significant because Nat Na$ty chose to pay tribute to her late father on his birthday. Without her father, she wouldn’t have established a diverse taste in music, including the likes of Luther Vandross and the Stylistics.

    “My dad didn’t know the effect of his music taste on my career,” Nat Na$ty shared.

    To this day, Nat refers back to legendary feel-good songs like Blue Magic’s “Tear You Down” to draw inspiration. As a former All-American track and field star, she emphasizes how her competitive nature solidifies her drive to continuously seek self-improvement in her musicality. She’s open to trying different things like rapping over a rock beat. While challenging herself to be a versatile rapper, the fairy bad bish is on a mission to forge a genuine, lasting connection with her fans.

    Over the past year, Nat has tapped into her boss-like alter ego Dola Mac while simultaneously becoming more involved in the creative process. Her relentless grind to take her career to the next level led to Nat’s commitment to perfecting her directing and producer skills.

    “I recorded a beat for the first time,” she explained. “I’m deciding if it’ll be featured on the deluxe version of the project or on a completely different EP.”

    Nat Na$ty is currently independent, but she isn’t opposed to signing a record deal as long as she maintains artistic control.

    The Future of Her Visuals

    Beyond the music, Nat Na$ty takes pride in her visuals as they are a big part of who she is as an artist. Despite the mishaps, the lyricist loves creating mood boards and building pieces for sets to bring her concepts to life.

    Nat Na$ty aspires to grace the VMAs stage in the future. In addition, she hopes to see her visuals playing in gyms, clubs and on a billboard in Times Square.

    “I think the future of videos is going far, especially with different aspects of technology that make videos more accessible to the masses,” Nat Na$ty said.

    During a time when social media showcases the good in life, Nat introduces the Mac Era where authenticity meets real life struggle triumphed with boss bish energy. Nat Na$ty exudes confidence in sharing the last three years of her life with the world after enduring depression and heartbreak. Dola Mac: A Fairy Bad Bish demonstrates her decision to go full throttle and thrive in the moment.

    Following her July 20th performance at the legendary SOB’s, Nat Na$ty is poised to take advantage of any opportunity that comes her way. The “Sauce” rapper set the bar high with her first international performance in Barcelona last month.

    Listen to Dola Mac: A Fairy Bad Bish on YouTube.

    About Nat Na$ty

    Inspired by trendsetting musical artists like Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne, Luther Vandross, Lauryn Hill and more, New Jersey’s own Nat Na$ty prides herself on being a good-spirited visionary and an honest hustler. Since the early 2000s, she has lived and breathed music. Nat participated in both middle school and church choirs for 5 years. Her love for music intensified after her mother gifted her with a karaoke machine. She spent hours in the attic belting her favorite songs while exploring her own lyrical prowess. Moreover, Nat’s relationship with her father indirectly influenced her diverse taste in music. Following her five-year quest to master her distinctive sound, Nat Na$ty released her most recent single “Hercules” in March 2022.

    Follow Nat Na$ty on Instagram and Twitter.

    For serious inquiries, contact Nat Na$ty at [email protected].

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