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    Nashville’s Zac Chase Team’s Up With Fried Monk For “Babel Fried Sponge”

    There’s a reason they call the city of Nashville “Music City”. Don’t get me wrong, the state of Tennessee has talent scattered all over, especially in cities like Memphis and even Chattanooga. But it’s something special about their capital, “Ca$hville”. One artist that has caught my attention is alternative hip-hop artist, Zac Chase.

    If I had to say what directly drew me was his daredevil ability to take chances as an artist. I’m not going to lie and pretend like he has the most beautiful singing voice. But the fact that he’s unafraid of allowing that one small thing affects his music. Instead, he knows how to maneuver around it and still make enjoyable music.

    To show how spontaneous he is, he recently dropped his new project, “Babel Fried Sponge”. The entire project is produced and mixed by producer/engineer Fried Monk. This isn’t their first collaboration. In fact, the two are frequent collaborators. So it’s pretty cool to see them creatively lock in for a full project to fully flesh out ideas they had before.

    When asked to describe the process of creating this project, Zac explained via IG that it took lots of “trial and error”. I’m glad they kept doing it over til they finally got it right because it feels like artists have given up striving for a certain level of excellence. Without trial and error, Zac wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the extraordinary feats he did on this project.

    “The result is a story of love, chaos & chaos,  internal and external”-Zac Chase on Babel Fried Sponge

    One of my favorite moments from this project has to be the single, “Waiting Room”. It features a guest appearance from fellow TN artist Jyou. Both artists get the chance to be vulnerable and tell the world about their mental worries. Once again, kudos to the producer, Fried Monk. His sinister production adds to the atmosphere and takes the song to another level.

    I love it when artists do a joint project with one producer. Not only does it simplify the song-making process, but gives the full project a more consistent sound. Zac Chase and Friend Monk brought the best out of each other on Babel Fried Sponge.

    Be sure to follow Zac on Instagram.


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