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    Nas Gets His Own Action Figure On HipHop’s 50th Birthday

    Nas, the renowned HipHop legend, has dedicated years of hard work and passion to his artistry. His remarkable success story serves as a tremendous inspiration to countless individuals worldwide. Notably, Nas’ immense influence within the rap community has motivated toy designer Steven Cartoccio to create an exceptional collectible toy featuring the New York rapper. This exclusive creation pays tribute to Nas’ significant impact on the genre, coinciding with the momentous occasion of HipHop’s 50th anniversary.

    For enthusiasts eager to own a piece of history, the collectible toy of Nas is now available for purchase. With his illustrious career and pivotal role as one of the founding fathers of HipHop, Nas has rightfully earned the title of a GOAT (Greatest of All Time). Consequently, the decision to immortalize him through this limited-edition collectible aligns perfectly with the milestone celebration.

    Expressing his gratitude, toy designer Steven Cartoccio shared his excitement about collaborating with the hip-hop legend on Instagram, acknowledging Nas as one of the greatest rappers of all time.

    The collectible figure showcases intricate details, including removable accessories inspired by Nas’ iconic album covers. Fans can expect to find items such as the iconic orange cap from Stillmatic and the Egyptian pharaoh mask from I Am… The Nas collectibles can be purchased exclusively at

    This recent addition to Nas’ repertoire proves that he not only continues to release exceptional music, such as his latest record King’s Disease III, but also solidifies his status as a bankable artist with his very own action figure.

    As we look ahead to the new year, 2023, we anticipate a momentous occasion—the 50th birthday of HipHop music. Notably, in November, esteemed hip-hop legends Grandmaster Flash, Roxanne Shanté, and Slick Rick gathered at Manhattan’s City Hall to unveil New York City’s plans for celebrating this monumental milestone.

    Collaborating with the Universal Hip Hop Museum, a total of 50 events are scheduled over 50 days, promising a grand celebration for the HipHop community. As we embark on this exciting journey, it becomes evident that Nas and the entire HipHop community have much to look forward to in the coming year.

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