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    Nas and 50 Cent Collaborating For Nas’ King’s Disease 4 Album

    Nas and 50 cent are bringing together a whole new set of rappers on their forthcoming King’s Disease 4 album. They’ve tapped a lot of big names to join them for the project, including Big Sean, Don Toliver, Lil Durk, Anderson.Paak, Fivio Foreign, and A$AP Ferg.

    But one track on the record was actually produced by Nas himself. It’s called “Many Men,” and it originally belonged to Esco himself.

    The beef

    Nas has had a career that’s characterized by his rap-based lyrics and hard-hitting delivery. He’s made many critically acclaimed albums and won several Grammy awards for his work throughout the years. He’s also been in a number of feuds with hip-hop figures, from Murda Inc to Kanye West.

    Illmatic is widely regarded as one of the best rap albums of all time.It was accompanied by an accompanying movie, Belly, which featured rappers like DMX and Taral Hicks among its cast.

    In the late 1990s, Nas began to make moves toward a more mainstream music career. He appeared on AZ’s Doe Or Die and Mobb Deep’s The Infamous, and later collaborated with Raekwon on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.

    He was also a part of the hip hop supergroup The Firm, which released only one album. During this period, Nas was engaged in a battle with 50 Cent over the latter’s G-Unit label.

    Eventually, the two decided to take a break from their musical rivalry and began to collaborate with each other again. They were joined on the King’s Disease series by Hit-Boy, who co-produced all three albums, and Eminem, who lent his voice to songs from both of them.

    While the collaboration between these two MCs was a great idea, it wasn’t easy to pull off. They both have a lot of other projects that they’re working on at the moment, so the timing wasn’t ideal.

    However, it looks like things have changed recently. In fact, a recent interview with Billboard magazine revealed that 50 is currently working on a new studio album with Dr. Dre and Eminem, and he’s already tapped Nas to contribute to the project. The legally engaged artist is itching to get into the game.

    This is a big move for both artists, as it will allow them to showcase their talent together and potentially break into the mainstream market. In addition, it will allow them to work with a pair of other top-notch producers who know how to get the most out of their musical partners.

    Aside from that, he’s also partnered with WeTV to launch an investigative show called Hip-Hop Homicides, where he’ll investigate the tragic deaths of some of hip-hop’s most promising stars.

    The collaboration

    Nas has announced that he has invited 50 cent to collaborate with him on his upcoming King’s disease 4 album. The rapper, who has a long-standing relationship with the Queens, New York-based artist, says that they “know each other for a while,” and both grew up in the same neighborhood.

    According to the release, nas and 50 cent are planning to work together on several tracks for his upcoming king’s disease 4 album. They are also planning to do an upcoming tour together.

    In the meantime, the pair have gotten into a lyrical dispute with one another. The beef started when 50 Cent released a track, “Piggy Bank,” that dissed Nas. This song subsequently led to a series of rebuttals from Nas including “Queens Get The Money,” “Don’t Body Ya Self” and an unreleased version of “Spastic.”

    During this period, both artists were signed to Columbia Records, which was not a lucrative deal for either of them. But despite the disagreements, both have admitted that they were friends in the past.

    The rappers have both been credited with helping each other out when they were up and coming, as 50 Cent gave Nas his first break when they both had a hit record on Columbia. In a recent interview, the rappers even said that they had a prank on each other where they would rap about each other to their fans.

    A few years later, the two emcees went head to head with each other on wax. Their feud lasted for about two years, and they even fought on the stage during Hot 97’s Summer Jam.

    Now, though, they’ve sat down for an in-depth chat about the relationship. In the video, the rappers discussed a wide range of topics, from their recollection of how they got started in music to their current projects and future plans.

    They also touched on the history of the rivalry between 50 and Nas, which began in 2005. Both rappers claimed that they had a lot of love for each other, and they both admitted that they had trouble understanding each other when they were at Columbia Records.

    The tracklist

    Nas has just revealed the tracklist for his third King’s Disease album, set to arrive on November 11 via Mass Appeal Records. The project was produced by Hit-Boy and is the sixteenth studio album from the Queensbridge MC.

    Taking to social media last month, Nas shared the cover art for the album along with a release date and the tracklist. The cover features three gold bars engraved with “KD3” against a red background.

    The tracklist is full of bangers like “Hood2Hood,” which features a synth-driven backdrop and is about neighborhoods coming together to support each other through tough times. The song is a highlight of the album, as it reflects on Nas’ life growing up in his hood and shows off his storytelling prowess.

    It’s also one of the best-produced tracks on the album, with a dramatic bass melody and rattling snares. The beat sounds grandiose and celebratory, with Nas rapping over it with ease and confidence.

    This is Nas’ most focused and confident album since his last two releases, Magic and King’s Disease II. It’s a testament to the strength and versatility of his and Hit-Boy’s partnership, as they meld their versatile production styles with Nas’ classic lyricism.

    During the course of the project, Nas experiments with flows and rhythms. From the relaxed double-time flow on “30,” to switching speeds on “I’m on Fire,” to combining rhythms on multiple songs, it feels like he’s finally figuring out where his groove is at.

    That’s a good thing. It makes for a fun and exciting listen, especially considering this is the first time Nas’ has been in such a position in a long while.

    The emcee is also able to take his game to a higher level, with more complex lines that showcase his mastery over rhyme schemes. It’s a testament to his skill as an MC that he’s able to come up with these flows on a consistent basis.

    It’s also worth noting that the album is full of bold truths and flagrant contradictions, which are often used to demonstrate Nas’ unique ability to tell stories and show off his lyrical prowess. During the course of the album, Nas has been a lot more frank than ever before about how he’s changed over the years.

    The release date

    The king of the block is gearing up for his fourth edition of his acclaimed ‘King’s Disease’ series with Hit-Boy. According to a report from Billboard, 50 Cent will be featured on the project, which is expected to drop in 2022.

    It’s been over a year since Nas released his 15th studio album, Magic, which was co-executive produced by Hit-Boy. He’s now shared the 17-track tracklist for a new album called King’s Disease III, which is set to drop this Friday (November 11) via Mass Appeal Records.

    During his long career, Nas has been known to produce a number of songs that have received a lot of criticism. His last LP, Nasir, was labeled one of his worst recordings, and his side project The Lost Tapes 2 featuring production from Kanye West was also criticized for its lack of quality.

    However, this time around, Nas and Hit-Boy have crafted an album that is far from their worst work. While they may not have the same amount of millennial guest stars that they had on Magic or King’s Disease II, the pair still managed to create an album that was more than just a solid collaboration.

    While the tracklist is not much to write home about, it does highlight the fact that Nas has a more nostalgic approach on this latest project. On tracks like “Car #85,” he sounds refreshed while reflecting on the people he’s come across throughout his 30 years in the industry.

    Meanwhile, on “Thun,” he raps about his beef with JAY-Z and says that he still listens to “Takeover” on Tidal. He then ends the song by saying that he text Hov and tells him, “N-gga, this ain’t over.”

    It’s no secret that Nas and Hit-Boy have had a long and storied relationship. Nas and his collaborator released their first joint project, King’s Disease, in 2020, which earned him his first Grammy for Best Rap Album. Their second LP, King’s Disease II, also achieved great success.

    On the heels of the release, Nas and Hit-Boy have been celebrating their latest album together by holding a party in New York City. The event, which was held at Madison Square Garden, featured many of hip-hop’s best artists.

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