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    Murder & Millions: Key Glock’s Chilling New Video

    The last time we saw Key Glock, he was on stage, making fans happy with a bunch of great songs. Now, he’s got a video for his new song “Murder & Millions.” The video is kinda spooky.

    Key Glock’s Murder & Millions Video

    It feels like you’re watching something scary. Some guys named Deedot Will, ADHD, and PVLACE made the music. In the song, Glock raps about being awesome and warns people not to waste his time.

    In the video, Glock raps in front of a fancy apartment building while a friend sits near his yellow Lamborghini Urus. They shot the video in Memphis, and Jeremy Scott directed it. Key was pretty relaxed when he made this project.

    It’s the follow-up to his 2020 album called “Son of a Gun.” This new album shows how he’s gotten better as an artist. The songs and videos are cool. One of the songs is about Young Dolph, who died last November.

    That was a really sad thing in the world of hip-hop. Key Glock was close to Dolph and felt it a lot. But instead of giving up, he’s using his music to honor Dolph’s memory.

    In this project, he has a bunch of cool songs that show how well he and Dolph worked together. Key Glock has been doing great in the past few years, and he’s getting even better. It’s clear that his connection with Dolph is still strong, even though Dolph is gone.

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