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    Mugelezi Stands Out With His New Release “Frequent”

    Canada-based artist Mugelezi is phenomenal in authentic music creation and has been standing out with a series of releases made in recent years.

    Emerging singer-songwriter Mugelezi recently released a new single, which he called “Frequent.” As the title says, Mugelezi has frequently released vibrant and uplifting music to the mind, body, and soul.

    “Frequent” is a song that sees Mugelezi fusing elements of Pop and Afro-Pop, which he made sure to utilize on the stunning instrumentation that shines more light on his outstanding vocals and great melodies.

    “Frequent” includes two of his most notable releases in 2022, “Give Up For Love,” a track from the EP “SOLSTICE.”

    The Canada-based singer maintains himself with calm certainty and a natural rhythm that blends well with his superior musicality dexterity.

    Stream “Frequent” on Spotify 

    Connect with Mugelezi: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

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