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    MrBeast Dares T-Series CEO to a Boxing Match!

    Popular YouTuber MrBeast, known for his amazing challenges and willingness to spend large amounts of money on charitable endeavors, has finally crossed paths with Bhushan Kumar Dua, T-Series’s chairman and managing director. They will be fighting without gloves… Let’s get ready to rumble!

    T-Series, a music powerhouse in India, has a whopping 265 million subscribers. Meanwhile, MrBeast, the young content creator who always comes up with the craziest challenges and performs the nicest deeds, has 258 million subscribers to his name. The numbers aren’t far apart, and the match isn’t either.

    On May 16, MrBeast took to X (formerly Twitter) to issue his audacious challenge. In the indelible tweet, he boasted of his subscriber count and compared it to the ‘T-Series’ YouTube channel, which was only 6 million subscribers behind. He tweeted his challenge in his usual calm manner by writing, “I challenge the CEO of T-Series to a boxing match.” His followers praised the tweet briefly since it had over 10,000 likes and 200,000 views.

    The man in MrBeast’s crosshairs, Bhushan Kumar Dua, has been steering the T-Series ship since 1997. Bhushan Dua took over the music label following the tragic demise of his father, Gulshan Kumar. But the music powerhouse isn’t all corporate suits and boardroom battles to Bhushan; he’s also a creative at heart. Bhushan is a music producer and film director who has conceptualized hits like Tum Bin, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, and Patiala House. Now, the T-Series kingpin faces a different challenge — and it’s not something he can outspend away.

    The news of MrBeast’s extensive training has sparked faint embers of hope among his fans. Yet, who might be directly training the famous YouTuber? Logan Paul, the YouTuber, influencer, and boxer with influence and contention, has just recently faced Dillon Danis, an MMA fighter, in 2023. He has directly taken to the training ring with MrBeast. The sweaty and physically difficult photographs brought confidence and loose anticipation for the upcoming match to MrBeast’s side.

    However, it isn’t only about physical strength. MrBeast has been open about his workout regimen, posting that he’s been “lifting religiously” in the past ten months. His body fat dropped from 40 percent to a ripped 20 percent. His supporters believe that he can knock out Bhushan Kumar in a single strike.

    This is more than just a match between two creators. It is a fight, a squabble over the glorious distinction of YouTube’s most-subscribed channel. The name calling between MrBeast and T-Series goes back to 2019, when MrBeast contributed to the great subscriber war by promoting PewDiePie. Yet the gloves are off this time, and Beast intends to be the victor and emperor of YouTube!

    YouTube lovers, save the date! The ring is ready, and with the two stepping under the spotlight, everyone shall watch their every move. Well, who shall it be? Only a few more well-thrown punches and jabs shall determine that. Keep watching.

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