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    Mr. Hanky: It’s Going To Be Another Atlanta Summer

    Atlanta has had a foothold on pop culture for over a decade now — and the legacy continues with the arrival of superproducer Mr. Hanky.

    A Mr. Collipark-protege, Hanky’s decade-long resume includes hit songs from T.I., Soulja Boy, 2 Chainz, Colonel Loud and Lil Duval. Hanky’s big break came in the 2016 DJ Luke Nasty hit “On The Way.” Before “Twerkulator,” Hanky’s biggest hit to date was the 2018 Lil Duval smash, “Smile (Best Life).”

    Mr. Hanky’s ability to tailor fit any artist’s persona to his signature sound, at will, and produce a chart-topping hit, consecutively, is a one-of-a-kind specialty that only a select group of superproducers can manifest. While the foundation is laid with deep basses, the producer’s selection of rarities are perfectly well-blended and unlocked the artist’s creativity to uncharted territories that the airwaves attract to, instantly.

    While Hanky been cranking out hit after hit, after hit for some time now, he’s provided an all-new, all-original club-ready go-to sound when we need it the most. The world is ready to party again and Mr. Hanky has given us an anthem that bridges the gap between ages and given us a decade of hits that will have us all dancing together from now till the end of time.

    Watch “Twerkulator” now.

    For more on Mr. Hanky, check out the 2020 conversation with The Magic Room, below.

    Mr. Hanky


    Hanky is the most accomplished music producer that you may have never heard of. music. starting to sound the same.” Born Corey Dennard and raised in East Atlanta, Hanky’s musical roots date back to childhood.

    “I can make a song for your local trap artist and then, I can do something for a gospel or R&B artist or a pop record,” says Mr. Hanky. “I do what feels best.”

    “When collaborating with artists, I encourage them to go beyond their comfort zone and speak to a wider range of listeners beyond their neighborhood”, Mr. Hanky explains. “Every day I continue to look for ways to be more creative and to come up with records that the people want.”

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