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    Moneybagg Yo Needs An Ariana Grande Collaboration

    Artists strive to reach new pinnacles of their musical careers. Though, some artists will go to great lengths to excel at their craft. As of late, several musicians have collaborated with unlikely artists to take their careers to the next level. Moneybagg Yo has reached a new level of stardom in his rap career and plans to take it a step further. The Memphis emcee recently took to Twitter to say that he needs to collaborate with Ariana Grande.

                      Moneybagg Yo’s Success Thus Far

    via Billboard

    Rappers like Megan Thee Stallion and Da Baby have reached staggering heights in their career. Additionally, Moneybagg Yo has also taken his seat on the rap throne himself. The 29-year-old star secured a win for himself by his latest album A Gangsta’s Pain reaching sales in the triple-digit marker. Not to mention, the rapper now has the freedom to charge a booking fee of $200,000. Furthermore, Moneybagg Yo stardom has certainly grown in the last year. Like all new artists, he’s learned to advance his rap career.

        Moneybagg Yo Needs To Work With Ariana Grande

    via Complex

    However, a successful album and higher rates aren’t enough for the rapper. Moneybagg Yo still believes he needs another notch on his belt to take his career to the next level.

    The A Gangsta’s Pain took to social media to explain his dilemma. The rapper hopped on Twitter to explain that he “needs” to work with a mainstream artist, and picked mega popstar Ariana Grande. However, the rapper never disclosed why in particular he wants to work with Ariana Grande. It’s unclear really if he’s even a fan of the “34 + 35” singer but one things for sure. He knows Ariana Grande is a hitmaker and believes one song with her, will take his career to the next level.

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