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    Mom Defends Viral Hug Photo: ‘It’s Just a Sign of Love’

    Mom’s Viral Hug: A Beautiful Display of Love

    Amber Wright, a single mom from Utah, found her face plastered on the internet after a heartwarming video captured one touching moment between her and her 16-year-old son, Brixton. The video has since gone viral with more than 9 million views and pictures of Amber hugging Brixton close in a football field hug to show just how close they are together wearing thigh-clinging pants.

    Amber is who she is because of her family’s teaching that showing love was really important, so everyone knew how true those moments really were shown between mother and teenage son.

    “I hug my dad every time I see him,”

    she says.

    “What happened on that football field is just how we roll. Brix will lift me up for a hug, give me a squeeze, and then gently put me back down.”

    But not all folks saw it that way online. Some folks on social media had mixed feelings about the video. Some felt uncomfortable, while others didn’t quite get the depth of that warm moment. But for Amber, that hug is a simple but powerful expression of love, especially given what was going on behind the scenes.

    You see, on that day, Brixton was wearing his late dad’s jersey for the first time. It had his dad’s passing date, April 4th, on it. For Amber, being there for Brixton during such an emotional time is what being a mom is all about. She’s his safe place when things get complicated.

    Since the clip went viral, Amber has been inundated with private messages of support and kindness. Her Instagram is a space where people from all over the world are sharing their love and understanding for her and Brixton’s special bond.

    One message that really touched Amber’s heart came from another single mom who said,

    “I’m raising a boy on my own, and I’m sure my son would do the same at a football game. We’re incredibly close, just like best friends. Seeing your strong bond with your son brings tears of joy to my eyes!”

    Amber’s touching tale reminds us about what a fantastic thing it can be to share warm moments like this that bind our families together without society molding them into shape. It proves that those little moments of warmth make the world that sometimes seems so dark a better place.

    In a world that can very often be dominated by negativity, Amber Wright’s video of what obviously was such an incredibly loving family hug is a reminder of how love within families sometimes has to go full tilt and then some. It’s a message that resonates deep inside those who truly believe in the ultimate power of love and connection.

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